Digital Customer Experience – The Hot Topic

What is digital customer experience, and how can your brand measure and improve upon on it? It seems to be a major topic of conversation at board rooms across the world. If your organisation isn’t already having this conversation you almost certainly should be, regardless of your industry sector.

At CartAssist we have worked with clients in almost every vertical market and the message is the same. Trends in digital customer service and eCommerce highlight that improvements to the digital customer experience is setting good practitioners apart. In contrast, competitors who are slow to react are frequently losing out. These trends are by no means explicitly restricted to retail. Digital self-service is frequently penetrating markets that would traditionally seem to be dependent on face-to-face and voice contact.

Digital CX affects every industry

As a result of improved CX through digital customer service and support, complex product offerings which were previously difficult to offer directly online are now gaining traction. Examples of these early adopters include the likes of BMW and Hyundai, allowing new car buyers to complete their purchase end-to-end without having to even v a dealership.

Customers are increasingly prepared to do their own research and information gathering before making a purchase. From the latest fashion trends to complex financial services, consumers have all the information available to make a buying decision. Consumers can find information, professional reviews and social sentiment in a moment. In particular the proliferation of mobile browsing has changed the way customers discover products and services forever. Something our CEO, Mark Kirby has explored more in his post.

In order to help our own customers understand where their own self-service solution can help them come first in digital CX, we wrote “Shaping the Future of Digital Customer Experience”. It is a consolidated report of insights and statistics from some of the strongest authorities on digital CX today. We decided to publish these findings to help your brand measure your digital customer experience, and identify ways to improve how you engage with your customers.

Click here to download our whitepaper “Shaping the Future of Digital Customer Experience”. Alternatively you can contact us for a free customer experience assessment.

Richard Larby

Richard is an experienced web designer, specialising in usability and customer journey aspects of interface design. Through understanding customer expectations, a finger on the pulse of next generation technology, Richard works to bring about the demise of poor CX.