Find out how you can increase ROI through intelligent self service

Welcome to Intelligent Self Service

CartAssist provides your shoppers with a unique one-to-one customer experience that works.

Satisfied Customers – Immediately answer any question, on any page without taking shoppers away from their purchases and empower your customers with a self-service solution which delivers personalised and contextual information from a constantly self-learning knowledge base.

Measurable Returns – By helping your shoppers find the information they need, the moment they need it CartAssist prevents site abandonment and helps increase average order value, drive conversions and increase customer satisfaction. What’s more, demands on your contact centre can be dramatically improved whilst increasing agent productivity.

Instant P&L Contribution

Up to 10%

Lower Bounce Rate

Up to 25%

Conversion Uplift

Up to 30%

AOV Increase

Up to 70%

Reduction in Call Centre Volume

Up to 20%

Higher Agent Productivity

+ Higher

Customer Satisfaction


Whilst driving conversion and customer satisfaction

One to one communication is expensive. With Intelligent Self Service you can deliver instant resolution to your customers at a fraction of the cost of expensive staffed channels. Deployable across your entire site to answer repetitive, contextual or personal questions, CartAssist offers real-time digital retail assistance.


Self Service made Brilliantly Simple

Goodmans’ first time resolution with self service has reached 83% in less than 5 weeks and continues to improve. Repetitive queries are now almost exclusively answered by CartAssist, transforming the customer support experience into an instantaneous 24/7 service and freeing up the support team to concentrate on customers who need help the most. Read our case study on Goodmans to see how we have reduced their contact centre costs by over 50% whilst delivering a great 24/7 customer experience. goodmans-logo-strap

Easy Integration

Our open API technology easily interacts with other platforms to extract and deliver relevant information for customer service or engagement.